Big Savings! 2-Pack Zoo Cups

$ 46.95

If you have a multi-pet household or are feeding a big appetite that can't get enough Phoenix Worms, buying our Zoo Cups is the way to go. We pack 500+ worms per cup which are sold as a Double-Pack. You'll receive 1000+ worms for $46.95. Please be sure that you'll be able to feed-off all Phoenix Worms within three weeks so that your pets will have fresh food. Refer to What Size Is Right? for guidance in size selection. The Large size worms are about 3/4" long (18mm), Mediums are about 7/16" long (12mm) and the Small size worms are about 5/16" long (8mm).

We can ship to US customers only. Please see Shipping Information for Hawaii restriction and options for Canadian customers.