"Thank you, three years later, for saving my beardie's life with your fabulous worms! She had MBD as a juvi. After trying everything written and even after being passed off as impossible to save by a veterinarian, I tried a last ditch effort--your Phoenix Worms. I would swear that is what reversed it! There was almost immediate improvement and this was the first food she had touched in days other than my forced feedings. She has now laid her second clutch of sterile eggs at 34 count. I'm feeding PWs now to boost her immune system and to replace protein. I believe in this product! I hope that people will read this and learn there is a truly effective alternate choice--MBD is not the end. Phoenix Worms were a Godsend."
Susan Quarles
Elizabethton, Tennessee

"SUBJECT: Phoenix Worm Miracle
Hello there. My name is Samara and I rescue bearded dragons. I recently rescued a little girl named Aerith who would refuse to eat anything and ended up getting sick from lack of food and nutrition. Phoenix Worms were my last resort. I ordered her some large worms and she CANNOT get enough of them!! She devours the worms every morning and every evening when she gets fed. She is now at the point where she is healthy and happy. Not only that, but every batch of the worms are healthy and all alive. Thank you for helping me save her. We are eternally thankful for Phoenix Worms, and I won't go back to any other feeder."
Samara Carraturo
Mechanic Falls, ME

"Thank you for taking much of the guesswork out of the feeding and supplementation challenge in keeping bearded dragons. For 8 years we have been seeking a formula that would allow our customers to provide the required daily 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio without the risk of a vitamin D-3 overdose. If too little calcium supplementation is given, the dragons develop Metabolic Bone Disease. If too much calcium with D-3 is given, the dragons are at risk for toxicity, calcification of the kidneys and liver and death. Now, thanks to your efforts in developing the Phoenix Worm, there is a feeder insect that naturally provides very high calcium with low phosphorus levels, is easy to maintain and the dragons relish. It is exciting to be afforded a better feeding solution for ourselves and for our customers."
Terri Sommella & Adam Seltzer
Fire and Ice Dragons
Adams County, PA

"I just wanted to let you guys know how much my leopard gecko, Toots, LOVES your Phoenix Worms! She eats them with way more excitement than her usual mealworms. I started using your worms when I first got her to fatten up her tail, and they really increased her size. I noticed a difference after only a couple of feedings. Thank you for making such a nutritious and ready-to-feed food for reptile lovers like myself, and for geckos like Toots!"
Rebecca Regions
Pearl, Mississippi

"Your worms have created a monster in my bearded dragon. I have NEVER seen him eat that much EVER! He devoured every single one I put in front of him until I had to cut him off at 20 lol. Keep in mind, he is only about 6" long and just devoured 20 medium size Phoenix Worms. I will be placing yet another order with you as 1/5 of my order, which I received today, is gone in just one feeding...Thanks for putting such a great product on the market that doesn't jump and stink!"
Nick Garner
Winder, Georgia

"Here are photos of some very hard-to-raise African finch species. The Purple Grenadiers (Uraeginthus ianthinogaster) go CRAZY for these! Very few have had success captive-breeding these birds in the US. I am convinced that replicating their native live food has been a key to the success of this pair laying and hatching 4 clutches. Phoenix Worms resemble their native termite larvae. My Black-Faced Firefinches (Lagonosticta larvata) are huge fans of their daily Phoenix Worms as well. They are actively breeding and building a nest. I personally feel the Phoenix Worms contribute to my birds being in top-notch condition. I have never had any bird egg-bound, and think the calcium as well as the high protein content in Phoenix Worms is a contributor. I offer all my finches the small size Phoenix Worms all day, every day."
Lauren Ogburn
St. Johns, Florida

"...our beardie had been eating very poorly and we took him to the vet who diagnosed pinworms. We had to feed him soft food using a small syringe for awhile. When Krishna was ready for a normal diet again, he was no longer interested in crickets! The vet had recommended Phoenix Worms so I ordered some and they turned out to be the perfect food for him. Krishna gobbles them up in seconds! Thank you!"
Andrea and Juliette White
Sykesville, Maryland

"...when I brought my young silkie beardie home, I realized he was having trouble catching baby crickets. He would strike about 6 inches from the cricket and miss entirely. He also had trouble placing his feet and often walked right off the end of his basking rock. Turns out he has a vision problem--he's very far sighted and can't see squat if it is close to him. He gave up on crickets because he could never catch them. I had resorted to spoon feeding him chicken baby food and greens when I decided to try your Phoenix Worms. He LOVES these things :) He can see me coming and starts hopping around his cage flicking out his tongue :) They are one very nutritious prey item that he can catch!!! Phoenix Worms have literally been a lifesaver for this little guy. Once he finds the dish, he just goes to town :) I doubt he would have made it without your product!"
Cammie Carman
Brevard County, Florida

"I bought 100 XSmall for my 8 Bettas, just to see...and they love them! They're just small enough for them and they love the wiggle. They're the perfect food for getting them ready to breed. My baby female is growing "leaps and bounds"...she literally leaps out of the tank when she sees the tweezers and the black cup. Amazing. They also helped regrow some damaged fins. Even Finn, my first Betta four years ago, is more active. Not going to run out of them again. Thanks for a great worm!"
Michelle Laudert
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"my beardie suffers from MBD due to a previous owner's negligence. He was fed only lettuce for far too long. Because of this, it is important that he has a healthy diet. Phoenix Worms play a vital part in keeping him feeling his best! He LOVES them!"
Paige Arcement
Bourg, Louisiana

"...my bearded dragon goes crazy over these things! Your worms are healthy and clean. I will never order order worms from anyone except you guys. I recommend Phoenix Worms for all reptiles! Thanks so much for making my beardie happy!"
Kassie Taylor
Cool Ridge, West Virginia

"...I tried the Reptiworms. So I know first-hand the difference in the Reptiworms and your product. I find your product cleaner, both looking and your worms last a good long time before they turn to flies. The other brand is only good for 3 weeks max before there are flies in the container and the substrate they use is dirty looking. One order was enough for me to search you out and thankfully find you. Have no fear, you have a customer in me as long as I have captive lizards to feed. They love your worms. The other brand might claim to be as good as yours, but there is no way they would stand up in a head to head comparison. Thank you again for your excellent customer service and of course your superior worms."
Lori Martinez
Long Beach, CA

"I've been feeding XSmall Phoenix Worms to my Betta and Neon fish for awhile. The Bettas get very ragged fins during mating but I've found that their fins heal amazingly fast now since they've been eating PWs. And the colors of my Neons are completely different and brighter, too!"
Robert Drawdy
Tifton, Georgia

"We placed an order for 100 medium worms on Monday. The worms arrived on Wednesday and we gave a few to our young bearded dragon. The dragon has had many issues in his young life, almost dying because of MBD. After being a few weeks into recovery from being very sick, he had a foot eaten through by crickets, and a week later the foot fell off. At this point, our dragon began to refuse live food! He wouldn't go near crickets anymore, so we found various foods to get him to eat anything. Finally we decided to try Phoenix Worms and he loves them! Thank you for a healthy food we can feed our dragon without him being scared of it!"
Jessica Rich
London, Ohio

"I received my worms a few weeks ago and most of my reptiles took very well to them! They are an extremely convenient staple for my reptiles because now I don't have to go to the pet shop every 2 days to get more crickets! I couldn't be more pleased with your courteous customer service and I would like to share some pictures of my Phelsuma Standingi munching on some of your worms. He turned down crickets today over your worms! He loves them!"
Austin Berry
Bumpass, VA

"I am a true believer in Phoenix Worms. My little guy is scarfing them down very fast. Your worms have him so healthy and growing at an incredible rate! He is very alert and active and he's almost 14 inches and only 3.5 months old. He's been on PWs as a staple for the last two months and I can see the difference! Your customer service was great and I will always order from you guys."
Victor Jones
San Jose, CA

"My lizards love the worms, my fish do as well, and I raised some very happy baby finches on them. I am going to try these smaller worms with my fire-bellied toads. Thanks for a great product. I won't ever use anything else."
Thomas W. Lowder, PhD, CSCS
Post-Doctoral Fellow
University of Alabama-Birmingham

"...re feeding the worms to my pums--they did not get as excited about the small ones as they did the large ones but the lil piggies ate them up. Once my leuc froglets get a little bigger, I will feed some to them as well. The young froglets always need a good calcium source, plus the worms do not crawl on them like the fruitflies."
Beth Sims
Dallas, TX

"My fiancee and I bought a frilled dragon back in July. We saw on a frilled dragon website how great Phoenix Worms were, so we gave them a try. He went crazy! After his cups were gone, we decided to give him some superworms for variety. Bad idea! He refuses to eat anything other than Phoenix Worms. Your product is amazing! Thanks for giving herp owners healthy, tasty food :)"
Jess and James
Las Vegas, NV

"...these worms are the only thing that saved Spike's life and got him actually growing!"
Erica Pfaff
Newnan, GA

"I took the challenge. Placed a small order just to try them out, and my turtles went BANZA! The Phoenix Worms do wiggle actively and catch their attention. They must be flavorful, too, because I put them next to silkworms today and guess who got ignored..."
W. Torres

"My beardie that would pull and push himself on the ground to walk is now up off the ground walking with strength in his legs! Before Phoenix Worms, I had to force-feed him baby food with a syringe. Even his mouth and jaws were affected. He just did not want to eat and I was barely able to keep him alive. I could see that he was not happy or in good health. Since feeding Kylar your worms his health has steadily improved!! He loves to eat food on his own now and he enjoys life again!! Thank you so much for these amazing worms!"
Linda Beasley
Lakewood, WA

"I've just recently started feeding them and have had amazing results! My hubby and I rescued two bearded dragons that were on the verge of death. They were dehydrated, starving, and had never been given supplements or UVB light. We started them on Phoenix worms, and they love them. After only a week, the results have been absolutely amazing! They don't even look like the same dragons."
Tami Jones
Schertz, TX

"I have a veiled chameleon that was very ill with metabolic bone disease when I got him.Two vets told me that he was unlikely to survive. As soon as I started feeding him Phoenix Worms his health improved greatly. It's amazing how much better his color and strength are. Best of all, he's put on weight and is active and happy. My turtles LOVE them, too. Thank you SO much!! They last so long that I still have some left, but I'll need more soon."
Rachele Ottens
New Paltz, NY

"...at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, we feed Phoenix Worms to our collection of bearded dragons, blue-tongued skinks, leopard geckos, eastern and ornate box turtles, our Egyptian Uromastyx, panther chameleon and sandfish skinks. I was surprised to see how much my sandfish skinks love the worms. Because they are burrowing animals, they rarely come up to the surface in their enclosure, even when food's around. Usually I only see them briefly once a week. After I fed them some Phoenix Worms, they both came to the surface after a few minutes and were greedily eating the worms as fast as they could catch them. The most surprising part was that after they had consumed all the worms, they spent 15 minutes hunting for more all over their enclosure. They must have really liked them to spend so much time above ground! It was quite comical to watch them searching everywhere, and something I've never seen them do before. I really enjoyed watching them, and they obviously really enjoyed the worms, so I thought I'd pass along the story."
Bethany Farrey
Animal Keeper/Instructor
Fernbank Museum of Natural History
Atlanta, GA

"I absolutely love Phoenix Worms...within no time at all, my beardie's appetite, color, and activity level were much more profound than when using dusted crickets or silkworms. Not to mention that they don't get out of the feeding container, don't smell at all and are so easy to take care of. I had one shipment of four containers last more than a month. Somehow my little guy knows the difference if I'm putting in a tray of PWs or silkies--silkies he can wait for, but as soon as I lower my hand with a tray of Phoenix Worms, he's on it! Plus, his appetite has skyrocketed! Great feeder!"
Aaron Snow
Alamagordo, NM

"We tried them today and they are EVERYTHING that your website says they are--our little guy went crazy!! He loved them!! However, he went through about 50 in one feeding so I'll definitely need the large ones next order. Thanks for a wonderful product that is enabling me to cut down on my disgusting cricket supply!"
Kristen Ferazzoli
Lake Worth, FL

"I received my order of small Phoenix Worms yesterday and fed them to my Crested gecko hatchlings. A few picky eaters ended up with very round bellies. I couldn't be happier with your product. I'm sure I will be ordering some of the larger ones soon as the adults took to them as well and I can't say no to their silly faces. Have a great day and thank you for a nutritious, easy meal for my beloved friends."
Mandy Kiser
Virginia Beach, VA

"My bearded dragon loves these things!!! He's now gotten so picky, he won't even touch crickets, instead he holds out 'til he gets his worms!"
Cathy Pulver
Lizton, Indiana

"I just wanted to say thank you. My little beardies LOVE THEM! They just can't get enough. They will even eat them hand-fed and from a dish (which they never do)."
Saundra Robinson
Dover, Delaware