Wholesale prices are available to zoos, pet stores, vendors, breeders and hobbyists. We do not sell Phoenix Worms in bulk as we've found this will compromise worm quality. However, discounted prices are available for zoo cups (packed 500 worms per zoo cup) with a minimum 6-cup order. Zoo cups are not available for resale.

The 150 ct. and 100 ct. retail cups are available at discounted prices for resale by pet stores, vendors, and breeders. There is a minimum purchase of 30 cups to qualify for a wholesale price, and a deeper discount is available for orders of 60 cups or more.

Please write to us for specific prices. Be sure to tell us where you're located and your interest in obtaining Phoenix Worms, whether for personal use or resale.

Email inquiries to: phoenixworms2021@planttel.net