Compared to other feeders, Phoenix Worms are never really "Large." The largest worm that we can safely ship is only 3/4" long. See the worms below against a ruler. Note: This picture is slightly larger than actual size. Mobile devices will display the photo differently.

       Not Actual Size

The general rule is that live feeders should be no larger than the distance between your pet's eyes. However, this is not an absolute. Phoenix Worms are very soft-bodied and there is no risk of impaction.

XSmall size Phoenix Worms are about 1/8" (5mm) long which is termite size. On our order pages, you'll see warnings about the XSmalls being too small for many baby animals. We do not want disappointed customers or animals so please select this size only if you have tiny dart frogs, Betta fish, teeny turtles, spiderlings, or carnivorous plants to feed.

Small size Phoenix Worms are about 5/16" (8mm) long. This size is great for larger dart frogs, baby chameleons, geckos, turtles, and soft-billed birds. Finch breeders choose this size for their breeding pairs and babies. Bearded dragon breeders choose this size for their hatchlings. Tropical fish enjoy smalls, too.

Medium size Phoenix Worms are about 7/16" (12mm) long. This size is best for bearded dragons when they are about 4" to 6.5" long. Geckos, anoles, turtles, small skinks, larger tropical fish, and small mammals (hedgehogs, skunks, sugar gliders) are also fans of medium size Phoenix Worms.

Large size Phoenix Worms are about 3/4" (18mm) long. This size can be fed to juvie bearded dragons that are 7" long as well as adults. This is also the preferred size for many other insectivores--small monitors, veiled chameleons, Chinese water dragons, large geckos, and other animals.

Bio-Conversion ("Composting") with Phoenix Worms:
As the practice of earth-friendly methods of waste disposal become more popular, BSFL are moving to the forefront as a sound ecological solution. Dr. Sheppard's scientific publications discuss the benefits of using this insect to solve waste problems while also producing valuable animal feed. Many of these publications are available online. If you wish to purchase BSFL to populate your BioPod or jumpstart your project, the small size Phoenix Worm is the best size this purpose.
The number of worms needed will vary depending upon the project but, in general, a minimal purchase for a small project would be ~1200 worms. Contact us at for wholesale prices for larger quantities.