Allen D. Craig Sheppard, Ph.D.Repashy, noted gecko authority, author, and pet food producer, contacted Dr. Sheppard in 2000 and asked, "Have you ever thought about selling black soldier fly larvae as a pet food for herps? We have a huge problem with metabolic bone disease in the herp community and need a high calcium feeder." Thus began the germination of the idea of what became the Phoenix Worms produced by Insect Science Resource LLC.

Hermetia illucens, a species commonly known as the black soldier fly, is naturally high in calcium and is unique because the calcium and phosphorus are balanced (1.52:1). Although BSF live in temperate climates around the world, the insect had never been served as a pet food. The challenges we faced included being able to produce this tropical insect in commercial quantities year-round, selecting a packing media that would protect the worms and maintain moisture, locating a suitable cup so the worms would have long shelf life, and most difficult of all--being able to convince breeders and hobbyists that this insect has qualities that make it an exceptional feeder insect for reptiles, amphibians, tropical fish, birds, and other insectivores.

It took five years to bring the worms to market and another year to be awarded our Phoenix Worm trademark--the first U.S. registered trademark for an insect. Since launching the Phoenix Worm Store website in 2006, many millions of Phoenix Worms have been fed to animals in zoos, pet stores, and homes throughout this country and Canada.

Our goal is to provide each customer with the best feeder possible. Dedicated to Excellence  is our motto. We try very hard to provide the best product as well as the best customer service. Thank you for choosing genuine Phoenix Worms, the original and the finest BSFL feeder available.