Single Cup — Try Me!

$ 7.95

This is where you can order a single cup to try any size Phoenix Worms. XSmall and Small size worms are packed 150+ worms per cup; Medium and Large size worms are packed 100+ worms per cup. Please refer to What Size Is Right? for guidance in size selection. The Large size worms are about 3/4" long (18mm), Mediums are about 7/16" long (12mm), Smalls are about 5/16" long (8mm), and XSmalls are about 1/8" long (5mm).

Note: The XSmall size worms are about the size of a termite. XSmalls are a great choice for thumbnail dart frogs and are a good replacement for fruit flies. However, they are much too tiny to feed to baby bearded dragons who will not recognize them as a food item.

We can ship to US customers only. Please see Shipping Information for Hawaii restriction and options for Canadian customers.