Phoenix Worms Save Another Bird Species in Captivity!

March 22 - Some happy news to share. The San Diego Zoo has been feeding Phoenix Worms to many different herps since 2006. We ship to them every Monday. On March 2, the zoo contacted us concerning some new residents in the Avian Department. San Diego Zoo is the first zoo to have successfully bred in captivity the Long-toed Lap Wing bird from Africa. We shipped extra small Phoenix Worms to try to save the 5 babies that had hatched. Apparently, the hatchlings are thriving as we have shipped 24,000 larvae just for these babies in the past 3 weeks!

Update: Orders for the baby birds continue to come in every week and now we're shipping small, medium and large size Phoenix Worms. We agree it's a good idea to enhance nutrition for the mama birds, too.


April 24, 2015 by Sheila Sheppard